Friday, April 3, 2015

The Love Project--progress report

To recap: I'm making a quilt out of 1/2" squares of fabric using a Counted Cross Stitch pattern by Tiny Modernist. The pattern was a free Valentines Day pattern on the Tiny Modernist's Facebook page. I sent Cheryl McKinnon an email letting her know I'm making her pattern into a quilt. It is always important to give credit for creative work to the original source.
This is what it would look like if it was done in cross stitch.
My bits and pieces look distorted because I haven't sewn ANY horizontal seams yet.
This is the 2nd row in progress. 
First section is sewn and second section laid out in squares.

This photo shows 2 sections sewn and the last section of the 2nd row started.
This process is intense work and life is busy so progress is slow.

I will leave you with another project that used 1/2" squares of fabric to make the quilts for the cover and back of a children's book I wrote.
This book was inspired by my friend Sandy's kindergarten class.

See all the fussy cut squares of faces and eyes?

See all the children? Find the tiny frog looking at a dragonfly....
The book is all photographs of a bunch of little quilts with the words overlaid like above.

This is the set of quilts I used for the book.

You can read the whole book on my Facebook page Susan's Quilt Creations.
Or you can purchase a copy in my Etsy store HERE.

I've got a busy day ahead of me that doesn't include quilting. 
Maybe I can make up lost time this weekend. Until then happy sewing.

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  1. I'm now following you on FB - love all your little quilt projects :)