Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Love Project--Row 2 done

When I started this project I divided the cross stitch pattern (by Tiny Modernist) into sections to make it easier to assemble.
The top part is what I'm calling ROW 1.
Today I finished ROW 2.
I am not going to sew the 2 sections together yet because it will be easier to sew the horizontal rows if I have smaller sections to work with.

I cut some more interesting squares for the quilt.
2 spider faces, a clown and a rooster.

Here is the clown hiding.

Another person here and I LOVE YOU add interest.

These are Rows 1 & 2. This is about half of the pattern.

These are the remaining sections for ROWS 3 & 4.

This is a good example of a 1/2" square project:
This is what the little quilt looks like when it is laid out in 1" squares.
You are seeing all the seam allowances here along with the interesting centers.

This is what it looks like with all the vertical seams sewn.
See how it "shrunk" in width? This is the stage my Love Project is in now.

This little quilt is now the front of a clipboard!
See how tidy the green trees are now? 
And the yellow sun is all yellow now that the seam allowances are hidden.
This isn't a clear picture of the final quilt (and I can't find it to take another one!) but hidden in this quilt are 5 of EACH: frogs, people, birds, cats, fish and dragonflies.

This is the back of the clipboard quilt before sewing it.

This has the vertical seams sewn.

In the final quilt FIND 5 of each: lady bugs, bees, smiling faces, butterflies, snails, snowmen and the word JOY.
Boy, I wish I could find this clipboard to get a clearer photo. I'm sure it will turn up someday.

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