Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Love Project--working on row 2

The top row of the pattern is done and sitting above my work area, so I can reference it for continuity.
I numbered the first section of row 2 with numbers across and down (like battleship).
It's easiest to begin with the border and white alternating, then light pink and red.

Once the red is done then I fill in with the dark pink.
This Cross Stitch pattern by Tiny Modernist shows some white squares in the big heart. I've chosen to use a white fabric with either blue or yellow hearts for those spots.

This section is now ready to be sewn.

This is the 2nd section of row 2.

Ready to sew.

I can't figure out how to add a video clip to my blog but if I could I'd add a 5 second video of a HUGE pine tree being cut down in our backyard. The THUD when it hit the ground shook the house and you can hear it rattle the door. (No joke.)

And another little quilt for you...
I didn't make this for any specific purpose, just fun. But I did learn a few things here.
The black/yellow diagonals are PIECED. But the black/red diagonals and the blue/red were fussy cut from one fabric.

Dragons anyone? I like to play with fussy cutting.

See the "To my Valentine" square?


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